Keeping Cool At Night-Time

With temperatures high, it can be difficult to have a good nights sleep,  this is a few ideas on how to stay as cool as possible at nighttime.

  1. Keep curtains closed – if your bedroom is getting a lot of sunshine durning the day, open your windows but keep the curtains closed, otherwise it will be like sleeping in a greenhouse.
  2. Sleep with  a silk pillowcase – silk is a natural fibre and is temperature regulating which means it keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter, they are the best choice for combating heat in summer.
  3. Wear lightweight night clothes made of natural fibre like silk or linen.
  4. Bed sheets – again natural fibers are your best choice they are breathable and allows sweat to evaporate, making it less hot and clammy, bamboo, cotton, linen and silk sheets are preferable.
  5. Filling a hot water bottle with ice cold water and placing it in your bed, your body temperature will be lowered and makes your bedsheets more comfortable to sleep in.
  6. You can place ice cubes in front of the fan to achieve a cool breeze alternatively, a cold wet face cloth placed over the fan will do just as well. Make sure to place the fan next to your bed in the evening so that it cools down the bed.
  7. If all else fails why not put a pair of wet socks on before you jump into bed. Rinse your socks under the tap and put them on, and you’ll feel the benefit. Alternatively, you can dip your feet in cold water and let them air-dry.

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