Benefits of Silk

Cotton is super absorbent and robs your hair of moisture causing frizz, and is much harsher on your hair, causing damage and split ends. It doesn’t seem like it would make much of a difference, but our hair and skin can be in contact with our pillowcase for at least 8 hours every night, so it adds up.

Hair care specialists recommend silk pillowcases to prevent thinning/breakage of hair. Cotton grabs onto your hair strands causing damage and breakage over time. All of those split and damaged ends can be prevented by not using as much heat of course, but cotton could very well be causing it too!

Your scalp won’t need to overproduce sebum to compensate for dryness, leaving you with less greasy hair, and you will not have to wash your hair as often.

Want that blow-dry to last an extra couple of days? Because the smoothness of the material your hair glides across instead of tugging on them, your ‘do can last for an additional 2 days.


Silk will not absorb moisture from your face, which allows your expensive moisturisers/ serums/creams to work more efficiently and leaving your skin hydrated.

It will also prevent as many breakouts on your face since the fabric isn’t absorbing as much product that can be redistributed back in to your pores (causing bacteria growth). Sleeping on silk also helps with wrinkle prevention. Cotton causes friction, meaning it tugs and pulls and your skin when you move. Silk does the exact opposite!


Spring and summer are horrible seasons for allergy suffers, switching to silk could make all the difference.The Protein and Amino Acids that are found in silk have many beneficial effects on our health. They are mold resistant and mildew resistant making it an ideal fabric for allergy and asthma suffers. Silk is hypoallergenic, making it a must have for allergy sufferers or those with skin irritations.

Heat Regulator

Are you a super warm sleeper, or a cold sleeper? Which ever one you are, sleeping on silk will help regulate your own body temperature. Silk is not a heat conductor and doesn’t create static electricity, which allows your body to maintain a regular temperature. It will keep your body warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Ideal if you’re going through the Menopause.


Finally Lashes, Just like how cotton grips onto your hair strands, it will do the same for your eyelash extensions. Have you ever noticed a ton of lashes on your pillowcase after a full set? I can almost guarantee it’s your pillowcase. If you don’t sleep on your back all night, I recommend swapping your pillowcase to silk .

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