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Mulberry silk is one of the finest quality silks available in the world, it is a continuous fiber made by silkworms when spinning their cocoon. Their diet consists of nothing but Mulberry tree leaves and thus the name for the product called Mulberry Silk? It's the protein and amino acids from these mulberry leaves that makes the silk so good for our skin. Mulberry Silk is the best-sleeping fabric for Skin and hair because of its soft fabric quality.

Silk Momme, is a unit of measurement for silk fabric, much like thread count in cotton. It is a measure of the weight of silk fabric. The more weight that a silk has, the higher the quality and longer the silk will last. Therefore 19-22-Momme is the perfect balance and is what you should look for if you’re looking for silk bedding or clothes.

All of our products have been made with a high-grade quality silk. Which means You can wash your silk in the washing machine at a cool temperature of 30 degrees, preferably inside a delicate wash bag.

Use a detergent for delicates or you can use shampoo. Don't use any harsh chemicals.

Our silk pillowcases are available in standard Irish/UK sizes. 50cm x 75cm

We want to get our orders to our customers as quickly as we can, so once orders come through we do our best to get it out in the next post.

Ireland - 1-3 working days
Uk/Europe - 3-5 working days
America - 5-7 working days

If you're sending it as a gift just like us know in the notes section, that way we can email you the invoice.

Are you having problems placing an order on the website using your bank card, call us on 086-1081205 and we will be able to help you place your order over the phone.

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