Proven anti-ageing properties.

Doesn't absorb your expensive face creams/serums, allowing them to work on your skin.

Keeps you cool - Natural temperature regulator. A must for menopausal women.

Prevents crease lines which results in permanent wrinkles as your skin ages.

Silk is a natural fibre and‘breathes’with your skin minimizing breakouts and irritation.

Hypoallergenic - Silk is naturally hypoallergenic which makes it suitable for all ages and skin types.


Dry hair - Silk is a non-absorbent fabric, so it won’t deplete your hair of moisture.

Ideal for children with curly hair.

Greasy hair - Not likely to interfere with your hairs natural state and create extra oil build-up.

Hair extensions and keratin straightening treatments lasts comparatively longer.

Split ends - Strands will glide along the pillow with ease, leaving your hair smoother and less tangled.

Reduces hair loss - Less friction resulting in less knotting, damage and breakage.

Keeps your blow dry for up to two days longer.

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