Cashmere & Eye Mask Gift Set


A beautiful gift set that consists of two of the finest fibers in the world,
the classic 100% mulberry silk eyemask and cashmere bedsocks ensures you get your best nights sleep.


The luxurious eye mask helps you block out light allowing you to fall into a deeper sleep, because silk is not an absorbent fabric it allows your creams and serums to get to work on your face rather than your mask.

The cashmere bedsocks are so soft and gentle on your feet keeping them snug and warm all night.

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A beautiful gift set that consists of cashmere bedsocks and 100% mulberry

silk eyemask thats ensures you get your best nights sleep.

Bedset includes 1x Mulberry Silk Eye Mask & 1x Cashmere Bedsocks



Beige, Charcoal

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